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  • Jexi



    A big, broad, silly, dirty, high concept, laugh out loud comedy starring funny, likable people. See it so they make more movies like it.

    PS: Stop comparing this to 'her.' That's like comparing 'Analyze This' to 'the Sopranos.' Their ambitions are different.

  • Joker



    I went into this with as open a mind as I could provide. I have always thought the Joker is more interesting as an agent of chaos without an origin story, but I was ready to put that belief aside and give this a shot on its own merit. Unfortunately, it does not have many merits. The fact that it's unnecessary or canonically problematic is the least of its issues. Brass tax... it's stupid. And not haha stupid. Irresponsibly stupid.…

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  • Glass



    When did M. Night Shymalan become a bad story teller? Was he always a bad story teller? I mean, forget the impossible to say dialogue and his need to catch up with HIS character from Unbreakable. Lets set that aside and ask, how anyone would ever think this was the story anyone wanted? What was he thinking? It boggles the mind. Is the twist that this is not good. We wanted it for so long and SURPRISE it was never…

  • Tolkien



    Boring disguised as prestigious. One of the least necessary biopics I've ever nodded off through. At its best it's just Lord of the Rings Easter Eggs, but they're all soft boiled and haven't been painted. (The metaphor maybe works!)