Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

MCU Marathon no.14

Pulled along by its sheer visual lunacy, Doctor Strange stands out as one of the MCU's more audacious efforts, mixing the fantastical with the human spirit of the MCU.

It's a fairly affecting origin story that does a good job establishing Stephen Strange as unlikeable from the off, making his development all the more impressive to watch. His story is nothing particularly groundbreaking, but I was struck by how his character is portrayed especially early on; brash and arrogant, but also obsessive to the point where you think one wrong decision and he could become a supervillain. Benedict Cumberbatch is wonderful, and it's down to him that we cling onto some appeal, some shred of likeability to the character and as the film goes on, he begins to thaw into the noble, selfless Doctor Strange we know.

I like the cast and the score and it has some of the most inventive action set pieces in any MCU film. The visuals are chaotically astounding, and the mysticism of the plot nicely gels with the real world issues and themes of the MCU.

Doctor Strange is another MCU offering that feels like it's own thing; it's aesthetically unlike anything else, establishing another dimension (pun intended) within the universe of the saga, and introducing plenty of great characters who we'll see down the line. I also absolutely love it's final confrontation; a wonderfully clever, funny and inventive sequence that is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual two-super-beings-punching-each-other finish.


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