Malignant ★★★½

James Wan returning to give horror fans an incredibly original, never-boring, purely fun slasher is honestly what we need to see more of in modern horror. Firstly, last year I had seen the trailer for Malignant and was completely uninterested by it (stupidly), as it came across as a by-the-numbers flick that just couldn’t grab my attention. Yet after its release, I started hearing a lot of positive things about it, especially in its final 30 minutes. So I eventually stuck it on and was completely floored by how fun it was. Its antagonist was surprisingly memorable, its story actually had solid twists and turns, its kills were just fantastic, and those final 30 minutes in the police station and hospital were like the incredibly violent cherry on top of a disgustingly fun ice cream.

2021-Ranked 🎬

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