Nope ★★★★

There are multiple sequences here that I’ll probably watch a million more times in my life, but in the end I was pretty disappointed with Nope’s resolution. I was sitting there begging in my head for the movie not to end in that moment, which I guess is a thought that can be deciphered differently depending on how you read me. Probably one of the first films in history where I feel like the middle act is the strongest of the three - there was a serious hot streak placed in the center that convinced me I loved this movie. Unforgettable imagery and moments of tension spread throughout, but seriously I can’t get over how underwhelming and abrupt the finale felt. Rewatch will be required, no doubt about that. Definitely a movie that’ll grow on me over time because of how much I loved certain individual moments. In fact, it’s the next day now and the film’s already improved in my brain a little bit - it’s really only that final stretch that’s still bugging me.

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