Magnolia ★★★★½

Wow im pretty much drained. Magnolia really took a lot out of me and yet I still feel like so much went over my head. There are so many emotions and plots and themes its really a challenge to get my mind around. What I took for Magnolia is an emphasis on living life without regrets. It talked a lot about movies within this film. Specifically Magnolia mentioned the way movies end are actually based in reality because chance encounters can occur and often they do. The movie leave the origin of these chance events and things that seem so perfectly woven together up to chance. This adds to Magnolia's realistic sense with how honest and in depth we get to experience each character's emotions.

Technically, I think this is flawless and a estimate to PTA's deft hand at whatever he puts his mind to. Tracking shots and soundtrack is unreal.

Magnolia is quite sprawling and straining but I was completely enthralled throughout the entire journey. I didn't seem to care about the raining frogs or random sing-along sequence because they somehow seemed so natural. I felt the interconnectedness with myself to the characters almost as much. This aspect of the human person is so hard to describe and I think PTA was able to capture that beautifully in this film. He was able to show the effortless connections and emotions that are universal across humans of every age and locale. It was not forced by the director just like no person really has to force themselves to feel a connection with other people. Its natural and that is what I felt PTA was trying to depict.

Definitely worth a rewatch.