Enola Holmes ★½


Why being a lady or a gentlemen is portrayed as such a terrible thing? Of course women can do whatever men does but do they have to be wild, carefree and masculine to achieve that? Can’t they achieve what they want and be feminine at the same time? The thing is some women are more carefree and masculine and some are more lady-like and feminine, so why the latter has to be despised? This is a pattern that I see in a lot of Netflix movies and I am not sure if that has good effect on the younger generations which are clearly the target audience. A woman can be whatever she wants, she can start a family, have children, be a housewife and know how to cook and sew; she also can be scientist, a doctor, basically anything a man can, but why is it portrayed as they have to make a choice between the two? They simply don’t. Other than thematic concerns, the pacing was a bit off but good cinematography and Brown’s promising acting made it watchable.

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