Suspiria ★★★

i've never seen dakota like this, though i've never watched her movies up to now -yes even the "fifty shades" things- *skulls emoji*. but she's beautiful, right?

understanding this movie really takes some effort, there are not definitive lines, it is up to you to deduce. idk, it was hard to understand for me as i haven't watched the original one. the last 30 mins of the movie was ten times better & scarier than the beginning. intense scarlet color has always frightened me. n e ways.

cinematography, editing and the historical references were wonderful but those slow-mo scenes were so bad that they were like they were edited on camtasia *skulls emoji*. and i have to say that thom yorke did well with the soundtrack, it was amazing!

truthfully, either there were TOO many empty scenes or there were some things that i couldn't understand. loosely, it was beautiful but someone has to sit and explain it to me better for me to love this movie properly. any volunteers?

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