2046 ★★★½

Time, love, and everything missed in between.

“Why can’t it be like it was before…?"

Director Wong Kar-Wai returns, in this sequel, to the life of Mr. Cho and his many loves following his first spark of genuine connection with Su (In The Mood For Love). A satisfying sequel that manages to not come off as completely lackluster in comparison to its predecessor.

In 2046 he has created another visually stunning, atmospheric, and melancholy movie about unrequited love and loneliness that holds people to and away from others, with the usual visual feast of dreamy grandeur that all Wong Kar-wai’s films languidly emit. Love, here, is shown in many forms with different women and one man. A meditation on the ever-shifting, untimely and unpredictable nature of love.

The message? Maybe, that timing really is everything when it comes to love. So don’t squander the opportunity, no matter how small. And enjoy it, however how fleeting, or seemingly insubstantial, it may appear to be. There’s always a cost, but by treating each connection graciously, the price will be worth paying.

Includes a cast of memorable characters who flit and flash across the screen, appearing and leaving as abruptly as their respective ties to Mr. Cho came to being and then dwindled from existence.

To summarize the content of this film: “A mystery with no solution.”

Time again, to move on.
But I shall surely revisit the 2046 train again in the future, as I have done time and time again for my own sake, and loves that haunt it.

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