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  • Persona
  • The Lady Eve
  • Twin Peaks
  • Marriage Story

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  • Hellraiser: Bloodline


  • Babylon


  • The Palm Beach Story


  • While We're Young


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  • BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

    BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths


    There's something about a wide-angle lens, isn't there? With the right cinematographer at the helm, a wide-angle shot turns a scene into a moment, the scenery into a world. In BARDO, Alejandro González Iñárritu gives us a lot of these moments, and a lot of these worlds, with a brilliantly wide field of view. In each moment he allows you to soak in everything that's going on, the camera dancing around the scene and letting your eyes wander to each…

  • TÁR



    Some of the greatest artists to ever walk the Earth were terrible people. This is a fact that anyone who consumes any kind of media will have to reckon with on some level, from the casual fan to the die-hard devotee. Early on in Todd Field's TÁR, the titular composer/conductor gives a speech to her students about separating the art from the artist. She argues that this is a necessary practice in appreciating any kind of music - if we…

Recent reviews

  • Hellraiser: Bloodline

    Hellraiser: Bloodline


    If there's one thing the Hellraiser franchise has going for it, it's consistency. These movies are awful - the first one is clearly the standout, but from there, I see little value but laughs from what's left. I can see the ambition of this one stretching past the dull complacency of III, but it's executed with such slobbish writing and amateurish acting I can't help but laugh. The practical effects look pretty nice, like they have in past entries. The…

  • Babylon



    Babylon contains some of the most cringeworthy lows of any movie this year. The ending, a spotty third act that culminates in one of the most "oh-jesus" final montages I've ever seen, made me chuckle in its simplicity, unbearable length, and directness. Overall, there are some moments in this movie that Damien Chazelle should be genuinely embarrassed about.

    But then there are some sequences, almost an unbelievable number, that transcend everything. True, honest-to-goodness movie moments are not hard to spot…

Popular reviews

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    It breaks my heart to say it, but I was disappointed by the new David Cronenberg film. This movie sounded like it was the Chosen One of Cannes: a great cast and a personal favorite director returning to his best genre with a daring, uncompromising film that was supposed to shake the theater with its depravity. Unfortunately, that's not at all what we got, and I think the audience could tell. Enthusiasm for the film was pointedly more tepid after…

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    Literally perfect in every way. This movie is in the top 10 most beautiful films of all time for me. So carefully constructed and emotionally taught, In the Mood for Love connects with my yearning for the past more than most films. I love this movie much more on this second watch, and I think my love will only grow with time.