Piercing ★★

What a disappointment! I have been looking forward to this film ever since it was announced, I’m a massive fan of Mia Wasikowska and I thought the concept sounded cool, it was not.

It feels lifeless, there’s a blandness to it. The film seems to just go in so many different directions that by the end of it I couldn’t give a toss, it had completely lost me.

Mia, guuuurl, what’s up with your accent? At the beginning of the film she sounded like she was using an American accent, and then after about 25 minutes, it’s like she just thought fuck it I’ll just be Aussie now. I have a real problem with actors and lazy accents, and I feel Mia is better than this, she’s proven what a good actress she is already with her impressive resume but her accent work in this just baffled me. Her performance, as well as Mr Abbot’s performance, is good, but her accent dropping in and out bugged me.

On the plus side it had a really cool aesthetic, the city, hotel, costuming and way the movie looks screams cool, it’s just a shame that everything else let it down.

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