Suspiria ★★★★½

“Suspiria. Presented in six acts and an epilogue. Set in divided Berlin.”

Tonight I gave my soul to the dance and checked out Luca Guadagnino’s unsettling masterpiece, Suspiria. I’m actually still processing what it is I just watched, no, not what I just watched, what I experienced. One does not simply sit there and watch this movie, I envy the person that can sit still and not feel discomfort whilst watching.

There’s a scene early on in the picture where Dakota Johnson’s Susie Bannion is dancing in a mirrored room, somewhere in the same building another woman is dancing, however, her moves are being telekinetically controlled by Susie’s body and it’s literally ripping her body apart. This is quite possibly one of the most extreme and traumatising scenes I’ve witnessed in recent years, very uncomfortable to watch, I’m not even joking about that. Body horror at its most brutal and brilliant.

Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton are, as usual, completely fantastic. Tilda especially in a dual role that once again proves she is the most chameleonic actress working today, she’s is terrifying.

Bravo to Luca Guadagnino. It’s a brave person that’s willing to take on such a classic, worshipped property like Suspiria, but Luca is up to the task. His vision is wholly his own and will undoubtedly polarise people, much like Mother did last year. This is a director that’s playing by his rules and his rules only.

I do hope that movie fans get out in droves to see this film, it’s certainly one that is best viewed on the big screen, the dull sepia tone and Thom Yorke’s dreamlike score need to be experienced in a theatre.


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