The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ★★★½

Call me a basic ass hoe all you like (yes Peter that was aimed at you), I really enjoyed this. Is it as good as the first? Nope! Is it as good as the second? Hell nah! It’s still good though and I had a fun time watching it, basic ass hoe that I am. I find it hard to not enjoy all of the movies in this universe of movies, the whole retro aesthetic of them and the unique approach to scares makes me happy, and of course with The Conjuring films, we get the lovely Vera Farmiga and hunky daddy Patrick Wilson as Ed & Lorraine, which is like 90% of why the movies are so good. The chemistry they share is amazing, I love them together and will always be excited for new movies with them as these characters. Overall, it’s not amazing, James Wan’s absence in the director chair is most certainly felt and noticed, however, it’s far from a bad movie, in my opinion. I would definitely watch it again and will be adding it to my DVD collection.

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