• Splendor in the Grass

    Splendor in the Grass


    Nice classic drama about a young woman driven to insanity by infatuation. I enjoyed it for the most part, it’s beautiful to look at and Natalie Wood is breathtaking, however, because of the era it was made I felt it never went as far as it could have. If this were made now it’d be a very gritty and heavy film, yet as it is, it’s a bit too soft in its approach. Still, a decent film all the same.

  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    Now when I get the sun...I smile...

    Requiem For A Dream is a masterpiece of a movie. An unforgettable, uncomfortable and ultimately heartbreaking descent into addiction. Not only is it a masterclass in superb acting, but it’s also a fantastic example of how experimental editing and music can anchor a story and push the film along. I have to wonder what it’d be like if it weren’t for the horrifying yet also incredibly beautiful music and its hectic editing and…

  • Love and Monsters

    Love and Monsters


    Such a pleasant surprise!! Didn’t expect much going into it but I finished it being very impressed with how fun and entertaining it is. It’s not often these days we get adventure films like this that are light-hearted and don’t take themselves too seriously, I like that a movie can be self-aware enough to lean in to its silliness. Dylan O’Brien is a competent leading man and his charm is one of the main things that made the film work…

  • To All the Boys: Always and Forever

    To All the Boys: Always and Forever


    These ‘To All The Boys’ movies are super fun and easy to watch and really hit the spot when you’re craving a YA romance. They are exactly as you’d expect them to be and the stories are well-meaning, much like The Kissing Booth series too. I enjoyed this 3rd entry, it’s got the cuteness and charm that the first 2 had, the cast are run to watch and they all share good chemistry. The only gripe I had with this…

  • Gypsy



    I’ve done some pretty gay stuff in my time, but I reckon watching this is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever done. CAMP! OVER THE TOP! LOUD! GAY!

    Love the musical numbers, so many bops that I reckon I’ll be singing for a while to come. I loved the cast, I mean if there was ever a role that Bette Midler was tailor-made for it is most definitely this, along with a show-stealing Christine Ebersole in the second half, what…

  • Long Story Short

    Long Story Short


    Overall, this movie is pretty basic, the humour is very middle of the road, bumbling idiot middle aged man type stuff, nothing very clever or laugh out loud worthy. It means well though, the cast do a nice job and have good chemistry, and the Eastern Sydney locales were beautiful to look at. Leaning more into romance territory than comedy which was a nice surprise considering the lead character is a male. Far from amazing or memorable, Josh Lawson’s previous film The Little Death is superior, but a nice time at the cinema on a Sunday afternoon all the same. Gotta support Aussie cinema.

  • The Dead Girl

    The Dead Girl


    The Dead Girl is a really great example of how good mosaic-style films can be. Often with this style there’s always something that falls by the wayside, one or more of the narratives isn’t as strong as the others, or you don’t get a clear story from the whole thing, not the case with this film, each story is very effective and they compliment each other very nicely, and all 4 work together to create 1 overarching story.

    This cast,…

  • Breaking News in Yuba County

    Breaking News in Yuba County


    This is the kinda flick that Del Shores would make with a cast a quarter as famous and 1/10th of the budget but it would be 500 times funnier and wittier and entertaining. Yikes, I knew pretty early on that this was a dud, the first 20 minutes is so messy, so many characters, so much stuff happening, jokes that aren’t landing, nothing seemed to be smooth about it, even the actors have this look as if to say wtf…

  • The Lie

    The Lie


    I’ve watched 3 out of 4 of the Blumhouse/ Amazon collaborations and this is easily the one I hated the least, I didn’t even hate this like I did the other 2, in fact, I really enjoyed it. Veena Sud, the mastermind behind The Killing and Mireille Enos, the leading lady of The Killing team up again for a freezing, ice-cold, snowy sterile little flick that actually had me guessing the whole way through and fully invested in the story…

  • Tentacles



    Sorry not sorry but this was crap!! Even by Hulu Into The Dark standards, it’s crap!! Overall, these movies haven’t been a bit hit and miss, but this one, the first in how many months, is easily one of the weakest of the bunch. A weird mishmash of domestic drama, erotic thriller and half-assed creature feature at the end. The guy was super hot though, loved his body, and the woman reminded me of Teddi Mellencamp from the Beverly Hills Housewives.

  • Friendsgiving



    A fantastic supporting cast full of great actors and a handful of laughs can’t save this flick from becoming tiresome after the first 30 minutes. It started out ok, a few chuckles here and there, but after a bit of time I grew tired of the whole thing. Is Kat Dennings gonna play herself in everything? It seems so. Is Malin Akerman ever gonna realise she isn’t funny and stop wasting her talents in these dumb comedies? It seems unlikely. Not the worst comedy ever but also nothing at all great about it either. Below average.

  • There Is No

    There Is No "I" in Threesome


    Faaaaarrrrr out!! Horrible. Absolutely horrible in every single way. The 2 subjects of this documentary are so painful to watch, so unlikeable and all round narcissists so obsessed with themselves that they probably never once stopped to think that maybe no one really cares about what they do with their relationship. There’s nothing hugely profound to this, the subjects perhaps think there is but to the viewer, nah uh. What ever works for couples, I get it, the actual threesome…