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  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman


    My review: thefilmediary.wordpress.com/2020/12/22/the-watermelon-woman-1996-review/

    Ambition, outsider perspective, and low budget pop art are all jacked up to eleven in The Watermelon Woman. A young, black, lesbian filmmaker who wants to make something meaningful makes a film about a young, black, lesbian filmmaker who wants to make something meaningful. This has all the hallmarks of baby filmmaker’s trying to get in the game. The setting is in the modern day, the footage is filmed on the streets and in little houses…

  • The Christine Jorgensen Story

    The Christine Jorgensen Story


    My review: thefilmediary.wordpress.com/2020/10/25/the-christine-jorgensen-story-1970-review/

    I greatly respect and revere the courageous woman, Christine Jorgensen, a Transgender woman who wasn’t going to let society keep her down and stop her from living her best life. It was nice to know that an actual film was made about her, as opposed to the “Eh, kinda” movie from 1953 called Glen or Glenda. Glen or Glenda is famously considered one of the worst films ever made. Christine need not shed tears as the…

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  • The Kiss

    The Kiss


    I restored and uploaded this film here in HD!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9_wUl6DFIE&ab_channel=BerylParkey

    This is either the first or second best kiss movie, the other being Something Good - Negro Kiss.

  • Before Stonewall

    Before Stonewall


    My review: thefilmediary.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/before-stonewall-1984-review/

    Recently I discovered an important figure in the LGBT, specifically Lesbian, community, Edythe Eyde. Many who know of her know her as “Lisa Ben”. This is quite possibly my favorite thing ever. Dumb puns are my oxygen. She has been involved in two films, both as someone providing music for them. The first of which is Before Stonewall. Those wanting a lot of Lisa will be disappointed, but those wanting a lot of Lesbians won’t be. This film is a fascinating study of gay people from a time many alive now aren’t familiar with or at least struggle to comprehend.

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  • To The Stars By Hard Ways

    To The Stars By Hard Ways


    Every Title I Could Find For This Movie:
    English - Humanoid Woman
    English - To The Stars By Hard Ways
    English - Through the Thorns to the Stars
    Russian - Through hardship to the stars / Per Aspera Ad Astra / Через тернии к звёздам
    French - Through the brambles to the stars / À travers les ronces vers les étoiles
    Japanese - Thorns in the stars / 星にとげスルー
    Spanish - Through the thorns to the stars. / A través…

  • Chickens Scared by Torpedo

    Chickens Scared by Torpedo