Eternals ★★★

discount xmen. hated how they jumped timelines all the time. very risky being so ambitious in a film thats introducing a bunch of new characters in the mcu… even though the screen time was over 2 and a half hours long, it still felt like they barely introduced the characters. they felt very much bland. this was not a character movie at all but rather a visual one, but not surprising coming from last years oscar winning best director chloé zhao. i feel like if i had a positive and negative chart there would be more points in the negatives. i really did try to go into this liking it, but it was just too.. little. i’m going to be diving into each character as I have a lot of thoughts. ranking them by my most favourite to least favourite too.

druig: doesn’t he basically have the same powers as charles xavier?… which would make him the most powerful no? i guess the deviants can’t be mind controlled by him but still, druig is still very powerful. so he is a god, TO ME. barry keoghan looked really good in that leather jacket and shades too phew.

phastos: his character made the most sense out of all of them. creating weapons which lead to humans fighting each other? genuis. gay too with a happy family, good for him. 10/10

ikaris: the definition of simp. he served his role tho.

thena: they should have killed her when they had the chance tbh. her “is she gonna kill us?” moments annoyed me. but ill give her a pass i guess since she had that whole solo battle with one of the deviants in the last battle. which kinda sucked but whatever.

makkari and gilgamesh: very underused. would have wanted to see more of them.

sersi: half the time i felt like she was just standing there staring off into the distance, yet she’s suppose to be their new leader? crickets… they showed her turning the deviant into a tree… okay then? she never used that power again. she could barely survive in the final battle if they didn’t combine all their powers together like power rangers. which was phastos idea btw!

kingo: was his character even necessary? where was he in the final battle? giving comedic relief token character.  

sprite: a PICK ME girl. PICK ME. CHOOSE ME. LOVE ME. shut the hell up you are a child you got school in the morning get your ass in the car.

in conclusion now that we have an introduction into who the eternals are, maybe their second movie will be more enjoyable. really praying and hoping the second movie doesn’t jump timelines too because it knocked down at least a star. and oh by… the post credit scene… can’t wait to see more of him honestly 

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