Eternals ★★★

Eternals makes history as the most diverse superhero movie in terms of race, gender, orientation, age and abilities...and that's remarkable..."But that doesn't change the fact that they're stuck in a story that's dull and predictable".

+ A word of praise for visual effects, choreography and photography. Eternals is a beautiful film, very diverse due to the eras it is going through and the different powers of each of the Eternals, following the entire transformation of the scenarios with the different characterization of the characters, when the Eternals are equipped with the respective uniforms or dressed in costumes that agree with the epoch lived.
+ It has very fun moments and entertains the spectator.
+ Eternals is Marvel's most creative film since GOTG.
+ I enjoyed the introduction of the bollywood actors, the deaf actress and marvel's first gay couple.

- There are a lot of continuity errors between CGI and live-action
- Eternals reopens the doors of the world of marvel and introduces new characters but ends up not developing them, which ends up ruining the film.

It's a movie that had a lot to give and turned out to be pretty mediocre.

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