El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★★½

Honestly this movie came at the perfect time, Well-shot, beautifully written and coming off as more as another Breaking Bad episode instead of this grandiose explosive event. Everyone remembers most of the Bad-ass parts of BB, but forget of what leads up to them, this film is more of the lead up moments than the explosive episodes like the perfect finale.

Watching Jesse back in action has left with a grin, this is for sure Aaron Paul’s best performance, I’ve always loved that him and Bryan Cranston are the perfect scene partners. But here he shines alone and flawlessly, seeing these characters back in the screen and Gilligan finally doing a Feature length directorial debut by revisiting his Magnum Opus, has left me emotional and well pleased!

I hope Netflix releases this on Blu-ray cuz the cinematography is insane!

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