Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

“Is that all you're gonna do this weekend? Smoke dope?”

An Improvement from the second one and the some aspects from the first one. Yes it’s another sequel in which teenagers die, etc. But it is done in a better way, from a technical standpoint, special effects and especially a more memorable cast of characters. The acting is slightly worse (and that’s saying a lot) but everything else they got it better. Even Jason, he dons the iconic hockey mask for the first time. And the death scenes are some of the most memorable and naturally executed, some are cheesy, but overshadowed by the much better ones.

As it improves, it gets worse on other aspects, the directing isn’t the same, felt a little bland. The story seemed a little unnecessary in some conflicts that didn’t need to exist. The cast as it is memorable, they still hit one note. And finally, watching this movie in 2D is so awkward,  maybe watching it in 3D helps, but 2D is laughably bad as it tries to hard to make you “uuu, a stick is about to hit me” or “oh my God, I thought he was passing me the joint”.

It’s a better sequel than the 2nd one, it improves what the second one did wrong, but then in some aspects grow slightly worse than the 2nd one like the acting.

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