Suspiria ★★★★★

Luca Guadagnino adds a fresh, blood red coat of paint to Dario Argento’s disturbingly beautiful 1977 horror classic, Suspiria. Incomparable to his previous Italian romantic drama, Call Me by Your Name, Guadagnino holds his breath and steps into a nightmarish and disturbing, yet enchanting and mesmerizing world.

I recently watched Lars Von Triers’ The House That Jack Built – which was incredible, but so disgusting at some parts that I had to look away. Suspiria is different because even though it actually may be more disturbing, Luca has a way of putting you under a spell which forces you to keep watching. I didn’t look away once.

The feel of Suspiria seems both old fashioned and retro but refreshing and rejuvenating at the same time. Thom Yorke’s score makes the most chilling moments of the film ten times more excruciating than it would be without – in a good way. In an interview with National Public Radio, he said, “Horror music can fall into a trap of trying to be dark for the sake of it. What’s great about the original Suspiria score is that they use an insistent repetition, which just drives you to the point of distraction.” What Yorke says is interesting because that’s exactly how I feel – like the music was trying to distract me from the horror I was watching.

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