• Never Goin' Back

    Never Goin' Back


    pls i wanna be friends with them so badly <3333333

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    watching this and calling it revision for uni is self care

  • Spanking the Monkey

    Spanking the Monkey


    you either spank the monkey...or you don't

  • The Station Agent

    The Station Agent


    can’t quite put into words how beautiful this film is. i love it so so much <3 im really speechless. it’s everything i needed it to be and more. so happy :)

  • Trash Humpers

    Trash Humpers


    i can't decide whether my life was better or worse before i heard harmony korine screech laugh every 5 minutes for the past hour

  • A Teacher

    A Teacher

    it ended exactly how it should have ended and im so glad that’s how they wrote the ending. i enjoyed this from start to finish, got so angry during so many scenes, confused at the majority of the soundtrack (we LOVE popular songs pre 2014 to make it seem like it’s actually set then), and just a sad/happy balance each episode that made me dislike and like the right characters. i’d give this a 4/5, wouldn’t watch it again but…

  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2


    this is my favourite social realist film. ken loach could never!

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    my favourite part was when the credits rolled and it was finally over. i so wish i could like this but upon a second watch nothing clicked and i didn’t enjoy it and it makes me so mad!!!!!

  • Annabelle


    roman’s revenge was stuck in my head during the whole of this and i think it’s annabelle’s way of telling me im her next victim

  • The Nun

    The Nun


    i like the nun, miss sister valak, because i know if she ever picked a fight with me, she’d win. and sometimes it’s nice knowing someone is more powerful than me, which is very rare.

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives


    they’re not just wives, they’re BAD BITCHES

  • The Broken Circle Breakdown

    The Broken Circle Breakdown


    this evoked every emotion possible...i think it would be hard to not be extremely involved in the story even if you tried. it’s so soft yet understandably overwhelming, especially due to the nature of the narrative. i know this would be a sad watch going in, especially after reading a couple of reviews for it and reading the main synopsis, but somehow it ended up being an even bigger rollercoaster.

    people deal with grief in all different ways, and it’s…