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This review may contain spoilers.

AAAAH I LOVED FHIS SO MUCH !!!!!!!!! if u see me gatekeeping MIND YA BUSINESS thena makkari sersi ajak my beloveds <3 !!!!!!! 
i loved chloe zhao’s directing and i loveeeed the costumes sm especially angelina jolie in pretty gold outfit and BLONDE !!!!!!! and the ACTION SCENES OMGGGGG also sersi makkari and thena are in a throuple i have decided 
i am not deaf but i am disabled in several ways Ha Ha and it feels so great to see disabled folks being represented as we should !!!!! lauren ridloff i love you with every ounce of my soul. AND GAY RIGHTS !!!!! PHASTOS HE’S SO !!!!!!
also lia mchugh is literally living my dream. i want to be a child in marvel so baddd i want them all to be my parents i want to go to comic con and i want tessa thompson to talk to me and i want richard madden to make sure i am at the front because i little but why do i have to work for it FUUUUUCK but u know what good for her someone has to live my dream and damn that girl can ACT she was incredible!
would have given this 5 stars but i didn’t like the endings for some of the characters i didn’t like them at all or the end in general and idk i was expecting something different i wanted to see them as a proper team but i am not complaining this was still great won’t shut up about it :D

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