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I kinda like movies. Favorites are a monthly rotation of films I think are 4.5 or higher.


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  • Mirai



    Sparse but packs a saccharine punch. I've worked with kids for the better part of a decade and this perfectly encapsulates what chaotic adorable sweet jerks they can be. They have no filter and don't understand their own feelings let alone yours. Few films capture this confusion presenting them as they are while making them completely sympathetic as well as Mirai has which is an accomplishment to speak nothing of everything else it does well. I.E. animation, score, and Ghibli/Pixar level of surgical accuracy direction of family dynamics and feels.

    Would recommend.

  • ThanksKilling



    I don't do it enough to call it a tradition but occasionally I find the only way to follow up a delicious Thanksgiving dinner is with this equally tasty trash.

    Gobble Gobble Motherfucker.

    Would recommend.

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Saw at the Dome with a Q&A with Josh and Bennie Safdie, Adam Sandler, and Ronald Bronstein.

    Two hours of sheer panic attacks Uncut Gems is one of the most faultlessly paced films this year. Relatively uninitiated into the Safdie brothers having only seen Good Time before but I can now safely say that I am a fan. I will delve deeper into their filmography in the coming year.

    Meticulous, turbulent and delightfully kosher this is a journey into the…

  • Starlet



    A touching if somewhat overplayed tale rendered modern by indie darling and Letterboxd legend Sean Baker's touch. He can present his films and characters in such a natural way that feels so lifelike and biological it leaves me stunned and yanked into a mesmerized state until it's done with me. Acting is out of this world here and I adore the accurate representation of my old stomping grounds of the San Fernando Valley. I too have had a few early…