Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube

Hooptober 7/31

You know I almost have to respect how aggressively shitty this sequel is. The way it fully commits to every story beat and character archetype of the first while simultaneously being unnecessarily bigger and monumentally stupider in every way. This should be taught in classes on lazy sequel tropes and why they fail. It has more characters, but they all fill the exact same roles in the exact same ways and with even worse acting. The math element returns but is all completely theoretical which in turn takes out all the problem solving, you know the main draw of the original? The sets look more expensive but are more banal than the first and the traps now involve changes in time and reality rather than good old acid and razer wires. Awful CGI even for the time, uneven pacing that halts to a crawl all too frequently and terrible camera angles often leaving you stuck in portrait mode that I guess we're supposed to make this look edgy and artistic. I don't know. I really hated this.

Wouldn't recommend.

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