Echo in the Canyon ★★½

When the doc focuses on the 60's legends telling their stories with intercut footage of them playing their greatest hits back in the day it is an enlightening helping of nostalgic goodness. However thats only half.

The other half is Jakob Dylan and a collection of some of his modern folk singer friends recording uninspired covers of these songs at Sunset Sound Studio then playing them in a concert. This I personally couldn't care less about and almost cheapens the doc to a glorified commercial for some cover album no one asked for. Not that I have anything against him and I'm a fan of many of his contemporary guests that show up but I just wanted the old guys and gals. Maybe others will feel differently and love all of it but I just wanted to fast forward through those parts.

The film also totally omits some hugely important musicians such as the Doors and Joni Mitchell. Still the interview's that make up the better half of the movie are worth the price of admission, especially hearing about Crosby's exit of the Byrds.

Would recommend to hippies.

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