Parasite ★★★★★

Just saw this at the Egyptian with a appearance and Q&A from director Bong Joon-Ho. Will likely be my favorite of 2019, I cant imagine what would take its place.

As others have said it's best to go in knowing nothing, so stop reading if you have yet to see it because the film has equal twists in both narrative and tone. Shifting gears between hilarious comedy, unbearable tension, capitalist commentary, deep tragedy, shocking horror, etc, etc all blending together to become something entirely original. And it fucking works.

After a while I never knew what I was going to see or feel but it didn't matter because whatever way the film settled it would be executed with such expertise and finesse that it could only excel. A staggering feat accomplished without folding in on it self, becoming inept or overt in its biting messages, while at the same time staying comprehensively accessible. The characters remain ambiguous in the realm of good and evil. The villains are misguided yet relatable, the victims undeserving but ignorant.

As creative as the writing is it's not the only thing worth praising here. Bong employs clever camera work that is both beautiful and tells a story. For instance composition is used to juxtapose its two main locations and families, switching between intimate and cramped to wide and stark. Plus the acting is formidable all around. Truly an ensemble cast and all pull their weight, impressively so when considering the wide range of material given. Special commendation goes to Song Kang-Ho and Chou Woo-shik, the two leads.

Undoudtedly deserving of all its praise and awards won and to come. Parasite stands alone as a crowning jewel in this director's already stellar filmography. Don't miss it. Absolutely recommend.

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