Spectre ★★★

A perfectly adequate middle of the road Bond film that has the unfortunate pleasure of following up Skyfall. Mendes returns and it's stylishly directed. Action scenes are decent and all the actors are great in their roles. Unfortunately its all too long in service of a lackluster script.

I feel one of the biggest problems is that this goes to big. After a flawlessly executed set up for a return to the serialized spy games of old within the closing moments of Skyfall, we instead decide to tie all the Craig films together and bring in the end all be all of Bond nemesis's Blofeld as the maestro of it all. It all feels too big and carries a weight of finality that should have come as the of this era of films instead of the penultimate.

We are retreading the whole "spies are outdated" theme that was just covered, and handled better, in the last film. This time it comes from the merging of MI5 and MI6 that leads to the idea of all nations combining their intelligence agencies. It's right out of Snowden's nightmare and is an altogether interesting idea and topical.

The actors are all great. The Bond girl follows these films trends as being handled very well and bringing something new and original to the role. My problem is that the two enemies, Bautista and Waltz, are fully underutilized. Bautista has proven his acting chops time and again and seeing him relegated to a silent hulking punching bag is kind of a waist. Waltz on the other hand is one of the greatest actors we got and he is barely in this. When he's on screen he's great and creates his own original take on Blofeld but we get maybe 15 minutes of him in a 2 and a half hour film.

Overall this has a lot to offer and is enjoyable enough while its on. It can be pretty to look at and holds together as long as you don't think about it to much. Bond has been a lot better but he's also been a lot worse.

Would recommend.

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