Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

Ok so my first letterboxd Marvel film review. This may ruin my credibility for all cinephiles on here but I can't help it, I unabashedly love them. I wont argue Mr. Scorsese's or any others points of corporate made entertainment and it's effect on the current cinema climate but I've read the comics as a kid, occasionally still do, and have seen everyone of them and will continue to do so. They are always fun crowd pleasers and I just love being in that universe. I think the theater has enough room for them and the more serious artistic efforts.

So anyway... Far From Home is a fun romp with what I think is the best interpertation of Spider-Man on film. Yes I too love Rami's first two movies but Holland feels like more of a Spider-Man than Toby McGuire ever did and it takes certain liberties with the mythos to make it its own. Plus he's in the larger Marvel universe letting him be the inexperienced high schooler he should be instead of immediately making him New Yorks lone and greatest hero.

Retelling the same characters with different twists, worlds, or settings has been a staple of the comic book realm and one of the things I love about it. I always relish the experience of seeing how the Marvel Studios will twist and present its characters for its cinematic world. This time we get a fresh take on one of my personal favorite villain designs (the fishbowl!) that I honestly never thought would be in a movie. But I said the same about Rocket Racoon so here we are. The way he is tied in to the larger history is great and he looks fucking awesome. I would say he's one of the better one off villians they've done, something thats always been a weak point in the franchise.

Spotty humor, neat setting, bombastic action, fun cast, yup its a Marvel movie and I loved it. Would recommend.

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