Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

An all-time classic and one of the best concert films ever. After getting into the Talking Heads at some point in my teens I soon discovered how much better they are a live band than in the studio. It's now to the point that if I choose to revisit the band I'm probably listening to one of the two live albums. That's no insult as they have an impressive discography most bands would sell their soul on the crossroads to have but everything about the Talking Heads comes across bigger and better live, and that goes for whether they have the extended band exhibited here or not.

However here we are not just treated to talent in front of the camera but behind as well. Jonathan Demme puts his style and love of lengthy and personal to the point of uncomfortable close-ups to amazing use keeping the focus on each member, but mostly Byrne (not complaining). Were almost never clued into the crowd until the very end. If that weren't enough Jordan Cronenweth brings big-budget Hollywood level cinematography capturing the band in wide unobtrusive shots, claustrophobic shots that put you right amongst the band, and almost noir reminiscent art shots of shadows and light perfectly matching the group's theatrics.

Absolutely recommend.

Guys, I really miss the concerts...

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