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  • The Emperor's New Groove

    The Emperor's New Groove


    All the business, especially early on, between Eartha Kitt's Yzma and Patrick Warburton's Kronk, is priceless. Great marriage of stylized animation and performances, especially Kitt's, that are unafraid to get weird. David Spade, meanwhile, was clearly hired with a very specific kind of characterization in mind, and while his lead performance as Kuzco has its moments, the constant irony and sarcasm becomes grating pretty quickly.

    The movie as a whole is fine, with Disney's animators building a feature in a…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    They really went back to first principles in adapting this story for this age. What would be the scariest implications about these two words when they're combined right now (setting aside whether this man is asymptomatically infected with any pandemic viruses)? Unlike 2000's THE HOLLOW MAN, the filmmakers center the entire thing on the victim of the titular monster, and it makes for something that's really scary than instead of sleazy.

    Moss is terrific, and sells not just the fear…

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  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight


    This cast seemed great in 1998. Now it reads like a damned murderers row.

    There is exactly one moment in the movie when Foley's cool demeanor cracks, and he stumbles over his words, and that is when Karen reveals she's been thinking about what it would have been like if they'd met under different circumstances, and imagines a "time-out." He seems so eager but stupefied at the opportunity to frame their time together this way, to set it apart from…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    What a lovely, fun, joyful adventure. I look forward to sharing this with the kids in a few years. The applications of all these Spidey characters are compelling and intriguing, and make me want to see more. I want a short film apiece on Liv Ock, and Aunt May, and each of the Spideys, and Kingpin, and this Green Goblin, and one just about the terrifying noise that follows Prowler around, and more of whatever the hell was going on post-credits.

    I also liked that the animation had a slight frame-rate shudder, giving it the appearance of physical stop-motion, rather than pure CGI.