Clueless ★★★½

It's fine! It holds up! The performances remain solid!

Zeitgeisty, capture-a-slice-of-the-culture comedies mostly survive and endure to the extent that they are not insulting to the intelligence of their characters and audience. This one succeeds in that way -- Cher may be shallow, materialistic, and vain at times, but her being smart within her affect is taken as a given.

The overall story structure, which I'm certain is inherited from the Austen, really helps the whole thing work. It seems episodic and flighty until we realize how all these individual segments are building to something bigger for and about Cher. When I was a high schooler, I didn't see Cher's realization coming, in large part (spoilers?) because the age difference between her and her ex-step-brother seemed sketchy.

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