Lee (Bewilderedbee)

Lee (Bewilderedbee)


Lee, she/they, 22 y/o. fan of horror, thrillers, and dark dramas.

Favorite films

  • Angst
  • Oldboy
  • The Exorcist III
  • Barry Lyndon

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  • Saw III


  • Anatomy of a Fall


  • The Quick and the Dead


  • Cop Land


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  • Split Second

    Split Second


    deranged. hilarious. bravely posits that paranoid schizophrenics in the middle of a psychotic break are, in fact, the only sane people in society.

    Rutger Hauer has the lifestyle of a raccoon trapped in a human body, having an apartment and diet that are somehow genuinely worse than Charlie's in Always Sunny.
    he and his partner cop, who somehow is an even more baffling and inexplicable character than him, drink 100 cups of coffee each, arm themselves with fucking miniguns, and then proceed to frantically "yes, and" each other into coming up with the most insane conspiracy theory of all time.

    incredible stuff.

Recent reviews

  • Saw III

    Saw III


    I love Amanda Young and I love Saw: Telenovela edition.

    This one sells the grimy, nihilistic mood and atmosphere surprisingly well, and is fully aware of how dumb Jigsaw's bullshit is and how little it helps anyone or anything.
    The interpersonal tension, small scale, and high emotional stakes make it hit a bit different than the usual Saw torture porn fare, even though it does get pretty stupid at times (which is just par for the course, really).

    And centering…

  • Flowers of Evil

    Flowers of Evil


    hated exclusively because of great qualities. anime fans deserve no rights or protections in society for letting this one get cancelled

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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    very bold to let the audience spend the first third of your movie assuming that the main character is a pedophile. I probably would not do that, if I made a movie

  • Cure



    Sakuma owns so fucking much. my guy's fr a psychiatrist employed by a police department but he's also like "yeah I mean no one can really understand what motivates a criminal, so, like, why even bother". dude's such a fucking slacker, I love him