Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

this was the perfect ending to an amazing weekend, wich I like to call „Michelle & My‘s Luca Guadagnino Weekend“ we got to listen to Luca at an Artist Talk on Friday, and later meet him.
Everyone who knows me, knows that i‘ve talked about loving Luca‘s Work & and how much cmbyn impacted me, a lot!
I knew that I would never be able to say everything i‘d like to say, and that my anxiety would win over me anyways, so I already wrote an letter.
When we were at the Q&A, I constantly fought with myself whether i should ask him a question or not, AND I DID?! I got extremely emotional, since there were like 100 people around me and I was in the front row, sitting in front of LUCA GUADAGNINO?!
I was so ashamed since I started crying right after asking the question, but he and the moderator were really sweet about it!
I struggle with Social Anxiety, so all of this was a HUGE step for me, wich I’m glad I took, even tough it was embarrassing....
Anyways I got to take a picture with him, he signed my DVDs, and I gave him my letter, to wich he even asked, if my adress is in it ,so he could answer.
I just wish I would’ve had the courage to actually talk to him, but then again I knew myself, so I wrote the letter 😂 
Anyways I still need to progress everything, so watching a bigger splash & call my by your name, in a row at a small theatre, didn’t make it better bybdbd

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