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  • Out



    i just wanna say... that... i don’t really understand why so many gay narratives still revolve around couples where one person is closeted and the other is just straight up mad/annoyed at their partner’s closeted status?* 1) it’s never up to you whether or not someone else decides to come out. isn’t that just basic human decency? 2) wouldn’t another gay person be even more sympathetic towards someone struggling to come out, and less likely to make that decision all…

  • On War

    On War


    "recapturing the feeling, the experience of true physical/spiritual presence– a brand new and very now sense of calm. the pure delight, with no more fear of a descent into our potential 'true' nature… war?

    as these character creep into a dreamlike violence, embracing the dangerous tendencies of their collective experience in both society and their cult, it further awakens bertrand’s desire to at once be free of competition, pressure, and pain.

    'giving up' doesn’t have to be synonymous with defeat. it could lead to something 'better', more whole, more necessary, even if it’s nothing."

    02 jul 2019

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  • End of the Century

    End of the Century


    Gay people often live in a never-ending fantasy. We didn’t have the luxury of imagining our futures honestly, either because we wouldn’t allow ourselves to do so or because we simply didn’t know that future could be a possibility. I’m attracted to men? And I can get married to a man? We could have a family together? Relationships don’t need to be monogamous? Just as long as we're honest? Honesty is a choice anyone can choose at any time?


  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    I imagine “childhood” is one of the more difficult worlds to replicate on film due to the fact that one’s early years + experiences seem so specific to that individual while they’re living them. Those memories are then solidified as they grow older and continuously reflect on their pasts. Sean Baker again focuses on undervalued people (in this case the “hidden homeless” children of orlando) and, maybe more than he ever has before, celebrates every little moment these kids can…