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  • Day Shift

    Day Shift


    SvdW | ACTIONx52 [2023] - 42 | Watch an action film with Horror elements.

    I had a blast with this one. Jamie Foxx is great as a down-on-his-luck vampire hunter who needs to make some cash quick in order to keep his ex-wife from moving to Florida with their daughter. There's a ton of great fighting, and I wasn't surprised to learn that the director has a history as a stunt coordinator. There's some goofy humor, sure, but it's all pretty fun. Kickass soundtrack. And Snoop rules. I want to see more adventures in this universe.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    Watched for a We Hate Movies live streaming event.

    Ugh. I enjoyed Ragnarok well enough, but Waititi amps up the silliness way too much here. And then there's the whole Jane-has-cancer plot that is decidedly not funny. It's just tonally all over the place. Bale could be a great villain, but he's barely present. Just wasn't for me.

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  • Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

    Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes


    I love everything about this film. I went in expecting one thing (and got it). But then there was the turn, and I was ALL IN. Just brilliant filmmaking. I loved the lighting, the score, the production design, great performances, a couple of absolute WTF moments. Damn, this is good.

  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    Hooptober Se7en: We Have Such Masked Socially Distanced Indoor Sights to Show You

    Wow, what a movie! I went in blind, and I'm glad I did. Amazing direction, amazing acting, amazing story - it's got it all. It's certainly brutal - the camera rarely shies away from the violence. There were a few times where even my desensitized eyes had to be averted. It's a long film, but I didn't feel it. Watched it free on Tubi where the commercials…