American History X ★★★★½

This movie is very important. If I could choose one movie for everybody in America to watch, it would be this film, and that is because it refuses to pander to one group over another. White supremacy is bad, obviously, but it doesn't give a half hearted appeal to emotion as the reason why they believe so strongly in it. It gives logical and reasonable explanations for why such smart kids would buy into this twisted logic of racism and violence.
The beauty doesn't come from the craft of filmmaking, but rather from the importance of the message. Spoilers ahead.
The change in attitude towards a race of people doesn't come from a seminar or having facts and reason shoved down his throat, it comes from relationship. Relationships are how the shackles of ignorance are torn apart, not by shouting truth back at the ignorant.
It is an incredible film, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It is brutal and hard to watch, but it is worth it.

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