Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

Each hinging twist remains crazily fresh, even after 3 years and 10+ viewings – a rare accomplishment nowadays. Adapting a story this dense and intricate needed someone as equally capable of unravelling the tightly wound story through the camera lens, rather than via the written word. Fincher’s meticulous cinematography becomes just as methodical as Flynn’s characters, Nick and Amazing Amy.

A dream-team of novel-to-film adaptation. There’s more to adaptation than making the same words move. That’s what makes Gone Girl so compelling time after time, it doesn’t take you down the same worn road that every other novel-to-film adaptation takes – Flynn’s screenplay demonstrates a discipline a lot of authors ought to learn: your audience has to read something new, the same premise, the same story, but on a different medium – and I said story there, not plot.

Revel in a scathing indictment of American values, and be sure that it’s as emotionally scarring in non-physical violence as it is the physical.

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