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  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    It’s pretty damn good until the third act.

  • Bumblebee



    Bumblebee is Spielberg meets Brad Bird. It’s nice to see a Transformers movie with heart.

  • Climax



    Drugs are bad, y’all.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Climate change is bad, y’all.

  • Eraserhead



    Apparently, this is the 1,000th film I’ve watched. It was an appropriate choice. It’s easy to see how this film laid the foundation for the rest of Lynch’s career. And boy, David Lynch sure was terrified of fatherhood and Philadelphia.

  • American Pie

    American Pie


    The movie’s revelation is a nice message for young folks. However, the film’s resolution is too abrupt.

  • Abducted in Plain Sight

    Abducted in Plain Sight


    Good lord, the first half of the movie is a whirlwind.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Wonderfully perverse. Emma Stone is phenomenal.

  • The Mule

    The Mule


    Clint is still racist and horny

  • Aquaman



    Kill the DCEU

  • Suspiria



    It’s full of disturbing images, but I’m not sure they mean anything. And it’s so damn long.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    Did a robot put this together?