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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    Other than Broderick's performance which I dislike because he can't sing and he doesn't sell it as much as the child actor. This film is an absolute classic.

  • The Wolverine

    The Wolverine


    Truth be told, the only reason why this movie gets flak is because of the dumb third act. Most of the movie is actually surprisingly good. It takes itself seriously and shows glimpses of the traumatized man we eventually see in Logan.

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  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    This film is very somber, and it has very little exposition, non-attentive audiences will find it hard to follow. But those who do follow it will find it beautiful, and the message to parents at the end is something all need to here. Plus the acting from the 2 leads is outstanding, they convey their relationship and trauma beautiful well.

    Also the visuals are stunningly beautiful, the Oregon Backcountry is phenomenally filmed.

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine


    While this movie has a lot of hatred toward it I'm going to play devil's advocate and say it isn't terrible. Yes it's full of cliches and Deadpool is not Deadpool. But if they handn't called whatever it was Deadpool, I could see this movie being a lot less hated. I liked the brother dynamic between Sabertooth (the best character) and Logan. The montage at the beginning and the fights between brother's I thought were really well carried out. At the very least I don't think anyone can say this movie is boring after the first act.