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    This movie kind of addresses something that I've always wondered when I watch Stranger Things: what happens in the upside down when we do something in our world? I mean, when we build a store, does the store just automatically show up there, are there creatures building their own version, or what? In a way, this movie kind of addresses it in its own story: ours is the world that's essentially calling the shots. Our world is the one that…

  • Alice Sweet Alice

    Alice Sweet Alice


    2019 Cult Movie Challenge Week 18: Nightmare USA Week

    This movie smacks of having way more aspirations than budget. Definitely aping off the giallos that had recently come out in Europe (given the religious background, I was getting a few flashbacks to Don't Torture A Duckling). I was also getting a similar vibe that I get from the movies of S.F. Brownrigg, because although all of these movies are really low-budget and show it, they're aiming for something more and…

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    The Craptacular Revue: Bonus Episode!

    Everything that Batman V Superman failed at, this movie succeeds with. New characters are naturally integrated into the story, both sides have sympathetic logic, and everyone is well-developed.

    Spider-Man is handled really well, with probably the most accurate and well-executed film version of Peter Parker (even if it is in a pretty short amount of time). Characters that I've never cared much for, like Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch, are played perfectly here and at the…

  • Unedited Footage of a Bear

    Unedited Footage of a Bear


    The best example of Resnick's Lynchian take on Adult Swim-style comedy, and possibly the best of Adult Swim's line of "infomercials" so far (sorry Too Many Cooks).

    Maybe the oddest thing about this is how it's simultaneously morbid, disturbing, and funny. Nothing is more horrific than the fear of the unknown, and this short is a great example of that. What's the message? What's the reality in this? What's happening next? I didn't know any of these answers while watching…