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    2020 Cult Movie Challenge Week 22: Takashi Miike Week

    Me, 5 years ago: "I think I'll finally get around to watching that series Masters Of Horror."
    *watch the first episode*
    "Yeah, this piece of shit can go fuck itself."

    Me, now: "All right, I need to catch up on the Cult Movie Challenge. Tobe Hooper did a couple episodes on Maters Of Horror, and Takashi Miike did one, so I'll give it another shot."
    *watch Imprint*
    "Okay, maybe not."


  • Humongous



    It's one of those basic plots, where a gun crazy psychopath that is barely tolerated by the rest of his family tries to commandeer their yacht and ram it into an island in the middle of the night so he can shoot a bunch of dogs that are keeping him mildly awake.

    The movie's pretty light on gore, and there's an especially rough opening rape scene, but despite those flaws I had fun with it. It's nice that one of…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Watched this with someone who was seeing it for the first time, and they audibly said "oh my god..." at one point. I'm happy.

  • Unedited Footage of a Bear

    Unedited Footage of a Bear


    The best example of Resnick's Lynchian take on Adult Swim-style comedy, and possibly the best of Adult Swim's line of "infomercials" so far (sorry Too Many Cooks).

    Maybe the oddest thing about this is how it's simultaneously morbid, disturbing, and funny. Nothing is more horrific than the fear of the unknown, and this short is a great example of that. What's the message? What's the reality in this? What's happening next? I didn't know any of these answers while watching…