Parasite ★★★★★


Parasite is like a pendulum.

It’s hypnotic. It’s beautiful. It’s entrancing. It’s spell binding. 

And as the pendulum swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, that’s where the true dark hilariousness of it all shines through like orange light casting over South Korean sewage floods. 

The savagery of the midpoint turn is astonishing and uber-realistic due to our current times. The way things literally slam into each other to transition from the first half of the movie to the second half of the movie is top 5 of the decade material.

The epitome of the movie is it’s major success in exploring its themes to the best of its ability. The way the camera depicts the Korean homeland shows the unfortunate disparity between the rich and the poor, which makes you really care for this family. 

These, well, parasites are some of the best, smartest, most intelligent characters of last year due to their need to be that way. If they weren’t this smart, then they’d be nothing but a squashed ant underneath a rich person's shoe. 

Parasite for best picture. 

Jessica, only child
Illinois, Chicago

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