The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

The holy mountain isn’t a film you’re going to understand, I’m putting it out there. Most of you who are reading this will be those who haven’t seen the film. Let me break it down to you so you can at least expect what is about to be shown. 

So you know Lynch right? Of course you do, now with Lynch he says screw symbolism and everything and just says fuck it then labels a title and puts it to the DVD shop. 

This film is a lot like Lynch’s works. There are moments where I was extremely confused as I still am sitting in my chair writing this, but there was never a point I wanted to turn it off because of how weird of a film it is. 

The film just throws it all at you straight away, for example as soon as I pressed play there was something weird going on in front of you. It just says fuck it, and to be fair this whole film is a fuck it sensation. It’s twisted, gross, weird but as well for being very smart. For a long time while watching this I thought it was the definition of a huge NO U. Well, I still think it is here and there but there are multiple messages which carry this film it’s absurd. 

At points I felt like I understood a particular message but then it just throws a scene of a woman sitting nude on the tallest toilet known to man while a man is in the bath about to patch up a window?? 

Yeah, this film is down right weird but that’s all I’m for. I love this type of shit which makes you think heavily about what is showing. 

But yeah, just a warning. You may get offended and you may get grossed out. The imagery is as weird as it’s messages. 

Also, round of applause for that ending! Wow, big yes. 

Am glad I finally got to see why everyone raves about this film, and yeah I can fully understand those now. 

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