• T.H.O.T. Therapy: A Focused Fylmz and Git Jiggy Production

    T.H.O.T. Therapy: A Focused Fylmz and Git Jiggy Production

    Therapy is in its name

  • Midnite Spares

    Midnite Spares



  • Spy




  • King Charles III: The New Monarchy

    King Charles III: The New Monarchy


    A Letterboxd moment if I ever saw one.

  • Erotic Ghost Story

    Erotic Ghost Story


    So this is the infamous Erotic Ghost Story, uh huh. Why is there an entire franchise of it lol. Just what you would expect from a pinku film, bunch of rape bunch of over the top violence and derailing into absurd territories. I actually quite enjoyed the first half is that the right word lol. like sure ton of rape and all that jazz but the so called ghost part to it was interesting and I was intrigued bout the…

  • Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974

    Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974


    Blonde Bombshell Rebecca Hall.

  • Shazam!



    Mark Strong is casted in everything now. Zachary Levi destroys this role perfectly

  • OK Kanmani

    OK Kanmani


    Well this sure was a pleasant surprise. Honestly I was quite conflicted with this one for the first 40 odd minutes, this might have been due to the overall vibe of the film but at the hour mark it just hit off completely. 

    As someone that isn't too familiar with a lot of Tamil films, as a whole Indian movies all together I found this to be quite the fun watch. What I loved most about this was the romance,…

  • Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzz


    One of those films that I could watch a zillion times and not get tired of it. Fucking hilarious, mum got a real kick out of it. That’s a win!

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    Just an average day in Detroit.

  • Suzume



    Princess Mononoke‘s Nier: Automata is a breath of fresh air for Makoto Shinkai. While there are some strong similarities from his past work, what I found very interesting was the spectacle of action that was on display, there was some incredible moments with that gorgeous animation flying by. 

    While the film didn’t catch me in the feels as much as Your Name did, I have to say I very much did enjoy the chaotic nature of what was occurring throughout

  • Cam



    Messy, intriguing, but never executed properly. This was my face throughout 😐