Ghost in the Shell ★★★★½

My first time watching since I read the manga. Read the manga! Most fully developed and heavily researched sci fi world ever. The movie Is a compressed version of 4 different stories from the manga. Sadly the constraints of animation mean you can never produce something as clean and illustrative as pen on paper, so please check out the manga if the movie tickles ur nodes even a lil bit.
One thing I liked was how in many scenes there is a small revelation later on that subverts an assumption u might have had in regards to what is human/non human. For example the secretary robots typing at workstations. Not until the second or third scene u see them in r u shown that their hands are actually bundles of cables typing furiously like bug antenna. When the major fights the tank it seems like an AI, cold death machine, but after the fight u see the dead pilot inside. Was he dead the whole time?
I am still completely unable to grasp the actual political machinations behind the story even after multiple watches and reading the manga. But that’s what’s so great about this, it is such a complex world. Factions in the government, international/economic zone laws, backdoors.
I think this is a reactionary film. The look Aramaki gives the treaties minister when obviously disgusted by the diplomat. The net is vast, what could we be capable of without self imposed limits? Interestingly Masmune sees the net as like a Petri dish as opposed to a constrictive mesh like anti-tech people. Even cyborgs still have a ghost. Read the manga for more philosophizing about possible outcomes of consciousness-net enhancement