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This review may contain spoilers.

Some of those who saw my diary entries recently, probably know that I've been watching the Before Trilogy. And this will be kind of a retrospective about the overall trilogy, with the perspective of someone who first watched the 3 films not too long ago, along with what I think about this one in particular.

And beggining with the one that no one thought I was going to talk about first: Before Sunrise. Seeing this for the first time almost one month ago, was a very peculiar, but also surprisingly engaging experience. Seeing Jesse and Celine as young people, experiencing something that they may never experience ever again: a magically romantic day (as goofy as that may sound).

And its script is purely fantastic, and sometimes, even magical. With it implying Jesse and Celine's motivations and desires, in a very subtle manner. Almost every line draws your attention to the 2 main characters and how they see each of their own worlds. And none of them really believe they're having such a tremendously wonderful night.

It's such an awesome film, that a possible sequel will NEVER have the audacy to be in the same level as its predecessor....... *realizes that both 2 films have a 4.3 rating*..... Oh, nevermind then. Before Sunset is as amazing as the first one, but it might be my personal fav of the 3... which I guess it's not much of an original thing, now that I think about it.

And my god is it as amazing as the first one. While the first one was more about the magic of falling in love with someone, Sunset's more about the more realistic and natural story about seeing someone you really loved after such a long period of time. And the moment they reencounter doesn't have them hugging or kissing or reproducting for 20 minutes.

Instead they're just really amazed and content they got to meet each other again after such a long time, because after that day, it just became "A Day", just a memory they were content they both experienced but also kind of regretted of experiencing. Because it was probably the last day of their lives they actually witnessed something great and unbelievable.

And after that, they just had to face the harsh reality that is life, and as they talk and talk during this reencounter, the magic they experienced back then slowly comes back, and they suddenly remember how wonderful that day felt. And much like the previous film, the script here is exceptional, and the acting from the 2 main actors are even better.

And all of that makes those 2 movies, 2 of the greatest ones out there... and then there's Before Midnight, which is considered to be the "Return of the Jedi" of the trilogy, while not as incredible or in the same level as the other 2, it's also considered being a great conclusion to the trilogy. In which, ladies and gentlemen, I... kind of agree with it being considered so.

It has a lot of good factors, the characters of Jesse and Celine are still pretty consistent and they still feel like the ones we saw in Sunrise and Sunset. And the ending might be the best one out of the entire trilogy. But the first 40 minutes or so are what bothers me. While I consider the overall script in this one to be pretty damn good, some lines on those 40 minutes feel very forced and just... off.

Not every line is like that tho, there are still some very good ones, but most of those lines just don't feel like they came from a film from the highly acclaimed Before Trilogy. But like I said, the ending is still really really great, and that sense of reality from Sunset is even stronger here, and the acting is expectedly awesome.

But overall, experiencing this trilogy from beggining to end was something so fantastic that I would not reccomend enough. Even with the third one being much more flawed in comparison to the other ones, it can still be one heck of a movie for you to see.


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