The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ★½

well hold on 2 erevything becase the amzazing spader pan is BACK. u r favorit back alley web squrtir is BACK and he is better then even. in tonites moviie the amzaaing spidre is in love wth gwan spony (erma bombson) becase he tell her dad "i wont be azmazing smadermanp to her I PROMISE" but then he does any way an their r ba dguy's GALOUR! 1rd u have electrode (james orff) who is an tontal NERD until he get killed by a eel an became ELCTRODE. than u have the grass goblin (dean deddan) who have a decease that his dad have and spanderspan go "u cant have my blood grain gobbler!" so the gobbler go "oh u thank so DO U" an murder gwont spelman. SPROITLER WARNING

i lov the amzamsing sopdar plan he is liek the hero we all warnt 2 b. in this movie he play by rihcard coffler who is SO GOOD. he am spaimerman & his alter egon paisley parnham just as good. he 4even sporming in my hart. so much action 2. once there is a robit that go 'i take all ze monney' (he forin) & our frenly corner store wall-walker go "nuh uh u fuckin shit i fuckin KILL U' & than the robit have 2 go 2 jail. ervey body in NEw York go ' ahah a YES SPDARENAM U DONE IT'. eveey body need a heor. music by hans zimmer