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  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou


    A film that can still elicit gasps from its audience 90 years later. And one of the best uses of a piano in a surrealist film alongside FREDDY GOT FINGERED.

  • Destino



    The Other Side of the Dali

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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    💀 Hoop-tober #3 (2018) 💀

    Summer is wrapping up, so it's time to get into the Christmas spirit. And what a way to do that!

    Between this and THE SILENT PARTNER, Canada has produced two of the darkest Christmas films you'll ever see. Both of them were shot in Toronto to boot.

    As twisted as BLACK CHRISTMAS is, the Christmas atmosphere is something magical and wonderful to behold. The lights, the snow covered streets, the ugly sweaters, John Saxon and…

  • Fracture



    Last September I got scammed on Kijiji trying to buy tickets to the HALLOWEEN premiere at TIFF. I'll spare you all the details but I was sold phony tickets by some scumbag. The guy gave them to me right to my face too.

    Why was he selling such a hot ticket? He said he recieved better ones from his wife's boss, who happens to be on a popular show, CBC's Dragon's Den. He'd actually see me at the theatre later…