Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

A lot of people I know felt underwhelmed by Far From Home, but after the emotional devastation of Endgame, I, for one, needed a palate cleanser (much like Ant-Man & The Wasp provided after Infinity War.

And Far From Home, while probably being in the disposable class of MCU fare, is pretty entertaining on its own terms. It's a teen rom-com first, and a superhero film second.

Indeed, some of the most effective moments in the movie involved Peter's would-be courtship with MJ. (It was also a terrific callback to see the effects of the Snap -- sorry, the Blip -- on high school students. The fact that they call it The Blip after the five-year fallout after the devastation of Infinity War/Endgame is truly hilarious.) The chemistry between Tom Holland and Zendaya works and it's easy to get invested in their romance (unlike some Spider-Man movies COUGHtobeymaguirekirstendunstCOUGH). They seem like real high school students, not adults playing high school students.

The stuff with Mysterio ... to be honest I found it more frustrating than I did compelling. There is something about the way that story is handled that just didn't sit right with me. (Namely the stupidity of Peter himself and some of the choices he makes.) And I'm still not completely clear about what was real and what was not, which I think the post-credits sequence calls back in an acknowledging, funny way.

It isn't a movie I will remember, and then again I don't remember Homecoming that much either. It's one of the ones you don't really need to see in order to stay current with the MCU, but you could find a worse way to spend 90 minutes too.

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