A New Leaf ★★★★★

“The capital and the income are exhausted, and you no longer have any money. I wish there was some other way I could say it... what could I say, how could I put it? That money... you have no capital, you have no income- no, it’s only money. You have no money.”

The opening gag? Brilliant and fast, up there with To be or Not to be in terms of hilarity and profound shock, with a quarter of the build up. A tinder date once recommended Cactus Flower because she loved Walter Matthau and if I weren’t so curious about Watermelon Man after rewatching Sweetback last night, it would be next on the list because he is truly inspired here. Also, justice for Elaine May! Let her name ring loudly in the halls of the cinematic canon, so impressed, she is a genuine master and has so few films under her belt. The staging. The materialism. The jokes. The demolishing and mocking of capitalism. I love this movie. Infiltration flicks are incredible where surplus value is skewed and tragic, Parasite, To Sleep with Anger, Virdiana, where the proletariat is made to be the exploiter rather than the exploited in complete and utter irony, and if you don’t get the joke, sorry folks. Here it’s just rich folks but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t screaming at my television for the last ten minutes.

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