Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song ★★★½

“...let sleeping dogs rest, can you dig it baby?”

I had not seen this since I was a very young man and dove deep on Blaxploitation, this is definitely upper echelon of the bunch in terms of style and political soul but when Superfly (do not get me wrong, Earth, Wind and Fire rocks but Curtis Mayfield is... well, he’s just the fucking man) is simply one of the greatest albums ever made, nothing sounds quite as good as that film, and though this soundtrack is not without some real slappers, it’s exploitation elements are only occasionally profound though not without wit, charm, psychedelia and a righteous anger. If mania and sleeplessness should persist, Watermelon Man is in my near future, Van Peebles is a singular cinematic mind. A film whose story of how it was created is just as fascinating as the text itself. Also, this is what a radical film should look like, it’s got something to say, and screams it from the rooftops until it’s throat is sore.