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  • The Emperor's New Groove

    The Emperor's New Groove


    The 40th animated Disney movie. I missed most of the Disney movies growing up - watching them now in chronological order means I've only in the last few months seen things like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid for my very first time, but I didn't miss this one. In fact, this was one of the movies I actually watched over and over and over again in my like, Middle School years, and of those, the one…

  • The League of Gentlemen

    The League of Gentlemen


    Second movie I've seen by Basil Dearden and the second in the Eclipse set of his films. I think this might be the oldest heist movie I've seen at this point, definitely the oldest to follow what seems like the very modern formula of assemble crew -> formulate plan -> practice run of some kind -> execute heist -> there's a problem -> ????. Maybe it just feels modern to me because I associate it with Oceans' Eleven, even though…

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  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York


    This was probably my first or second John Carpenter movie when I saw it for the first time like, three (maybe four now?) years ago. I hadn't seen many movies then and the only actors I knew anything about in the movie were Kurt Russell and Harry Dean Stanton, and I guess Isaac Hayes. I didn't remember as much of this as I thought I would, but it's one that I was fully absorbed in the whole time. I think…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    My tenth film by Martin Scorsese. I think this marks the longest film I've ever seen in a theater and the first time I've gone to see a movie made for a streaming service in theaters instead of just watching it at home.
    I've got a lot of kind of scattered thoughts on this movie, but overall I thought it was very good, although I don't know if I would have the attention span to watch another film of this…